Please help Noobie grow his Doobie Snacks.

Hey all you cool cats and chill....chihuahuas...? I am currently about to switch my plants over to flowering. These are the first two I have ever grown. I can easily confirm one of them is female as she is loaded with beautiful little frosty hairs but the other seems to be a bit more stubborn with her preflowers. I have been able to locate 4 of them now. 3 of them look absolutely female but the fourth looks textbook male. The preflowers are still pretty small so is there a chance that one is a fluke? Or should I pop that little ball sack off? Or should I wait for it to grow a tad more?

The first Image is the seemingly obvious male sack, the other 3 are the female looking preflowers.

The last preflower is a little shy but from what I can tell she looks very similar to the other two.

Any solid advice or expertice would be greatly appreciated.