Wtf is this Myclobutanil increased yeild!?!?

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    Bombweed New Member

    Hi all.

    Just a young fulla breaking into the industry here, best yeild to date. 26oz out of a 1.2x1.2x2 600watt grow. Using the full cx horticulture (canadian xpress) range (coco perlite 75/25%, ultimate coco vege/bloom [single part], bio balancer, regen-a-root, wilt guard, might growth enhancer [vege] superior potash [bloom] head masta [bloom] ) and anot extra (PART C)

    Now part c is sold to me in a plain bottle with no ingredients labeled on it just part c and the dilution for it.

    I use it between day 21 and 31 of flower. 2 feeds of just part c at 8mls per litre (sorry it is metric system where I am )

    Now I have done a grow in the same circumstances and received a much higher lower result so I am at the conclusion that this PART C is the key factor in my novice success.

    My supplier has finally told me that part c witch he mixes himself if made of Myclobutanil and a bit of headmasta.

    Now I know this obviously hit Google and I got nothing

    So that's all I know so come on guys. Has anyone even heard of feeding Myclobutanil straight to the roots during flower for increased yeild. Just to be clear Myclobutanil is an active ingredient in fungicides such as yates fungus fighter or eagle 20.

    Any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

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    undercovergrow Well-Known Member

    after reading @KryptoBud's posted article, it would seem you've got 26 ounces of contaminated cannabis that isn't suitable for smoking. i wouldn't want to smoke it.
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    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    Let the guy that told you to use it, smoke it. He's already made the money off selling it.
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    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    That fungicide is no GO. Law enforcement and government entities are already using it as an excuse. It's not supposed to used on cannabis. The combustion turns it in poison. Therefore, if you don't stop using it. They site it as another reason to watch and regulate everything you do dealing with growing.

    It's an ethics issue, too. Where's that plant going to end up? If someone gets sick off it. They'll blame EVERY private grow from coast to coast.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    don't ever use any "magic yield increaser" without looking into it thoroughly first. most of them will have some kind of nasty shit in them that will give you cancer and cause lab rats to have 3 headed moose babies.

    Bombweed New Member

    Thanks for the replys guys but it's quite obvious to me that none of you have had any experience using this chemical.

    I am currently working on finding out what residue will remain in the plant and weather it would be harmful or not. My question is has anybody ever fed myclobutanil to their plants and achieved increased yeild. Any help with this would be great. I know the supposed dangers but that is not what I'm trying to find out here guys


    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    You are the reason I grow my own weed.

    Who are you buying your nutrients from? They got a website? Phone number? I'd like to look at this stuff.

    "II. Inhalation of pyrolized myclobutanil residue could expose cannabis users to hydrogen cyanide
    As noted on the Eagle 20 material safety data sheet(3), myclobutanil is stable at room temperature, but releases highly toxic gas if heated past its boiling point of 205°C (401°F) (3, 9). Disposable butane lighters, commonly used to ignite marijuana during consumption, produce temperatures in excess of 450°C. "

    You're playing a game that can get you locked up or dead.

    Bombweed New Member

    Excuse me but I am a small time grower supplying mostly myself.

    Now your just guessing. You don't know how much myclobutanil is in part c or wether there is any left in the plant at the time of harvest.

    I am sending some buds away to get tested. Where I am located smoking cannibis is still illegal so this is all black market pot.

    You are the reason I don't offer post on forums, because you and most others seem to think you are scientists who know everything.


    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    And apparently neither do you. That lack of knowledge alone would motivate me to toss out that bud. Not willing to accept that kind of risk.
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    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    No. I don't think I'm a scientist. but I am also not some fucking idiot who was linked something and completely disregards the risks that scientists say may be associated with this product.

    There's absolutely no reason to use this product. Why use something that increases the risk but has very little benefit.

    If you're a small time grower only supplying yourself why are you concerned about yields at all? That's like the 2nd to last thing I look for... There's so much more important than yield. Most high yielding strains are not high quality.

    There's no logical reason to pump an unnecessary potentially toxic chemical into something you will be consuming. You're a fucking idiot if you continue to do so.

    Give me a name of these nutrients please.
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    Bombweed New Member

    This is why I am looking into it guys. I'm not out to poison anyone I want to know what Im putting into my girls and weather I should or not.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this myclobutanil increases yeild by making the buds dencer
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    Bombweed New Member

    Mr head you can go fuck yourself. Your opinion means very little to me. I know growing who put glass shards in theither pot or spray it with windex to add weight. I would never. I don't want to hurt me or anyone else. So unless you have anything helpfully to say please fuck off

    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    And you are the reason that the seasoned veteran growers on here get sick of dealing with know it all noobs. Don't ask questions because you're ignorant of what you are exposing your plants to and then get an attitude when you don't like the answer. Evidence was presented to you indicating that it is not safe for use on cannabis and you decided you don't want to listen because you don't want to admit that you may very well have produced an unsafe product. How about this, if you don't want to face reality then don't ask questions and keep doing bong rips of your cyanide weed.
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    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    I, and many others view it as, if there is POTENTIALLY even the slightest of chance that this stuff could harm us then there's no chance of it getting used in our gardens.

    I grow organic. The idea that you found out this chemical could be harmful and still had to ask questions blows my mind. It doesn't mesh with how I think about growing anything for personal consumption, whether that be food or cannabis, in fact it completely defeats the purpose of why many people grow for themselves. You're using industrial/commercial chemicals to grow a product for personal consumption... why?

    You need to accept this was a really stupid fucking question to ask. As Nano pointed out, you came here looking for answers, were provided answers, with links from professionals in Colorado, that I guarantee know more than some little shit and chose to argue...

    I was being fairly civil until I seen your last reply... You're a dumb mother fucker.

    Still waiting on a name of this nutrient company or a phone number/website.
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    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    It's not on their website. Your buddy is trying to kill you.
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    GrandfatherRat Active Member

    There's nothing to look into; your crop is potentially contaminated, and should be trashed. You don't know how much myclobutanil was in the mix you used, and you can't trust your 'supplier' to tell you. Hopefully the dose was small, but it doesn't really matter; the weed is still contaminated.

    You've been provided with a linked study which identifies the chemical you're asking about as potentially dangerous to use on your plants. Other studies abound which confirm and support this data (see the article's reference section). This is a chemical which stays in plant tissue in testable quantities, well after it's stated half-life-- so yes, if you fed your plants myclobutanil, then it's still in the plant at harvest, even though some will degrade-- it's a systemic chemical.

    Myclobutanil is a well known anti fungal treatment, and its effects on plants are well documented. There is no mystery. This chemical is not used by any professional growers to boost flower growth, promote big buds, or improve yields-- because it doesn't do those things. If you need to confirm this for yourself, read the manufacturer's documentation on what myclobutanil does, and how the mechanisms work.

    I work in CO in the cannabis industry as a technical professional-- no one is using myclobutanil this way, because that would be a misuse of a chemical that is a known poison, and exposure to humans is not well studied. Stop applying myclobutanil to your plants. You should also rethink your relationship to your 'supplier', who gave you this mix of poison to apply to your plants without telling you. Think on that for a minute.

    The boosted yield you are seeing is from something else-- as a novice grower, you're just not able to easily identify what actually caused this difference. It could have been your soil, your light regimen, your watering habits, or any of a dozen other things. You just aren't keeping careful notes, so you don't have a baseline for comparison, and you don't have the experience to pinpoint what's making a difference. The only difference myclobutanil is making in your crop is that you're now ingesting a known poison.

    Edit sp.
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    Bombweed New Member

    @GrandfatherRat thank you.

    That was really all I wanted. You guys are far to passionate.

    As for the chemical not doing anything I'm not alone in using part c. Many other experienced growers use it and swear by it.

    Weather poisonous or not it does increase the desity of the buds. I'm trying to find out why and how.

    I'm sorry if I have offended anyone.

    Bombweed New Member

    Oh and cx do make it. But my supplier mixes it up

    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    Links to their grows and a picture of your own please and thanks.

    You can't go around making claims like this without proof bud. Find me a single other person on the entire internet that says this poison does what you say... You're the only person i can find making this claim which proves further, like we needed it, you have no clue what you are doing.

    I'd like to point out what it clearly states in the documentation for this chemical under "directions for use"

    "Here are the facts. When the cannabis plant is combusted, a number of compounds are produced, including very low amounts of hydrogen cyanide. Health Canada's analysis of the recalled cannabis products show that the trace levels of myclobutanil that were present would have produced a negligible amount of additional hydrogen cyanide upon combustion, in comparison to the levels already produced by marijuana alone. Specifically, the level of cyanide from the burning of myclobutanil found on the cannabis samples is more than 1000 times less than the cyanide in cannabis smoke alone, and is 500 times below the acceptable level established by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. As such, the risk of serious adverse health consequences resulting from the inhalation of combusted myclobutanil in the recalled cannabis products was determined by Health Canada to be low. "

    This is also further proof that the Hydrogen Cyanide is indeed produced from the combustion of Cannabis more so when this product is used. Health Canada also has a great amount of Bias in this study as if this was deemed to be a greater risk they would be the ones named in the lawsuit alongside the producers of the Cannabis. It is in Health Canada's interests to make this less of an issue than it actually is, that needs to be kept in mind. They have however confirmed that the poisonous gas is produced through combustion.

    The Government of Canada is trying to save face here and it's obvious as they move to monopolize the Canadian Marijuana market with these very growers leading the charge.

    Also keep in mind you're dead fucking wrong about this helping your buds.

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