Your Grandpa's Weed or is UV supplementation really needed?

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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    hey ty, just bought 2 go green 100watt citizen 2 cob's.. i should get them next week,, whats your opinion on these led's? not the 3070's or 3590's it sais citizen?? you know ive been looking to get a cob for awile now and i wanted to try a small one to start with.. its 4000k using clu48 chips,, i hope u say they are good? i will be using them along with 2 315 watt cmh in my bloom room,, so ill be running 2 315's and 2 100 watt citizens over a 4ftx6ft table,, the 2 315's centered inline and a cob to the left and right to get more light over the outside rows.. ill try to get pics of the lights and then after they are set up...any thoughts?
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    @TheChemist77 you run f13 ever?

    what's up with the bbq guys I wanna come :weed:

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with go green or citizen chips. I bet it will work great though, based on what others say.
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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    How much did it cost?
    I've got $300 burning a hole in my pocket and was thinking about adding a few cobs to my rig. Right now I get most of my blue from MH, but it's a bit underpowered. I need something to compliment a 600w HPS.
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    i paid 350 for 2 100 watt 2 cob citizen go greens through flora hydrop-onics,, i found them on amazon then called and talked to Rich, he can find anything even if its not on there site.. i ordered a centurion pro mini and saved 1k then saved 100 on the gogreen's,,,really like flora hydroponics... i also run the 315watt cmh lights and would say 1 315 is close to a 600 watt hps,same coverage but closer to 500 watts in the ceramics,,this will be my first try with good led
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    what is f13? ive run f1's,f2's-even f4's but prefer stabilized seeds,,,lol

    tstick Well-Known Member

    To this day, some of the very best tasting and most potent herb I have ever smoked was grown under a long shoplight fixture with (if I remember correctly) were some very blue-looking tubes. I don't remember ever seeing huge plants -but ones that looked like, little, hairy trolls from a book -SO covered with trichomes...unreal....but not big yielders....

    I was smoking in the mid 70's too and I just remember some very distinct flavors that I rarely run across in more modern hybrid stuff. Skunks, heavy blueberry....weird Oaxacan weed that was very bright green and tasted like moss and dirt...Rich Colombian strains that tasted like caramel and honey flavors -that would expand in your lungs "expando" ;)....exotic, spicy Asian landrace strains....etc....

    I don't know what happened. I guess those old traits made growing that stuff extra risky....and so over the years, all the "stink" was bred out of many strains -just to make it more stealthy to grow. All the low-yielding plants that might have had poor leaf-t-calyx ratios and all that.....I miss the old flavors. Damn...We used to just throw seeds out, by the pound....wasted so much landrace genetics...damn, damn, damn....tsk tsk tsk....damn. :)

    twalte Well-Known Member

    I added a UV light last week to my tent with a 1000w HPS running. I'm growing 4 Nirvana AK-48....with UV light over two of the girls and no UV light over the other two. All 4 receive the same nutes. Here are pictures of the trichomes at week 6....UV vs Non UV. Early indications show a significant increase in trichomes on the UV side.

    I have moved the laggards under the UV for the final two weeks to see if they catch up or surpass the current UV plants.

    I am running a KindLED flower bar micro for the UV and IR.

    UV picture

    Non UV picture. (Best picture I could take off this plant)

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Interesting, but increasing light energy should show an increase over the side with less watts and less light. The more valid approach would be to supplement both sides with one having uv diodes and the other not having emitters in that range. Is that possible?
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    twalte Well-Known Member

    Good point HillBill. The light bar added 60 watts to the left side of the tent and I'm running my HPS at 1100 watts right now. Unfortunately, that was the best that I could do with this setup as I only purchased one KindLED bar to test it. Even if it is partially due to the higher wattage, I'm extremely pleased with the early results. I swapped the UV and non UV plants to see if they will catch up
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Directional uv seems as if it may be safer if the diodes are efficient and durable. I've read many accounts in the past of burnt/brown emitters but not paid that much attention lately. Those failures did seem to be occurring on the lower end gimmic stuff. Am curious here and will be present.
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    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    I have grown the very most resinous buds I have ever seen, with the right genetics, with COBs maybe other various side lighting hitting them. I don't see how adding UV could make the buds any frostier when they are as frosty as can be. I can see UV changing the cannabinoids profile or even changing the terpenes a little but I think if you are using UVs stricktly to increase overall resin I dont know that it really is the answer.
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    NewI Well-Known Member

    Well the thread sais exactly that... for more trichomes you should try high K blues.

    Rayne Well-Known Member

    You have to realize: 1. Trichomes are a defense mechanism of the plant. Ultra Violet radiation activates the genetics to produce more trichomes for the sake of self preservation while it is waiting to be pollinated. 2. Excluding the days when there is very dense cloud cover... Outdoor grows are exposed to UV radiation everyday.

    Cannabis grown with UV radiation, from start to finish, gives that old school soaring head high of the 60's and 70's your grandfather and or grandmother might remember.

    If you are the type of grower that wants "Outdoor" quality cannabis while being grown indoors... add UV radiation.
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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    Do you grow indoor and use supplemental UV? If so how do you do it?
    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    I don't use UV at all, unless 3500k 80/90 CRI incorporates it.

    IMG_3797.JPG IMG_3804.JPG IMG_3808.JPG IMG_3813.JPG
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    jeepster1993 Well-Known Member

    About a year ago I was given a small stick light made of 4 different color LEDs. It came from China, I am sure.
    It is 100 1 watt LEDs. In deep red, blue, UV and IR. 5 sided.
    I use it in the last month of flower.
    Does it work? I don't know. It doesn't hurt except the 100 watts it uses. The tent is a 3x3 with 35 watts per square foot of cob 3500K leds and this 100 watt supplement brings my wattage per sq/ft to 50. I like 50.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Would love to see some specs on it.

    pineappleman420 Well-Known Member

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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    I really want to add UV to my veg and flower COBs before pheno hunting Durban Poison.
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