Your Grandpa's Weed or is UV supplementation really needed?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by RM3, Sep 5, 2016.


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    I just ordered one of those bars... had some money burning a hole in my pocket and i said what the hell... it was a choice between light or seeds and since the seeds i want are'nt available yet i ordered more light lol
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    If it really pulls 150W I'd want to try some. Do you have a wattage meter?
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    When it comes in the mail if you make it to loveland area id let you check it out.
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    I can damn near walk there, brother- I'm in the Fort!

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    If you all ever want to slum it a bit and see mine(my light...) in action......South Denver.
    Olive Drab Green

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    Only if you promise not to try to rape me. And/or have some REALLY good shit on hand.
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    So as long as it's REALLY good shit rapes not off the table? I like your style ODG:hug:

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    What you talkin 'bout?

    I have the dankest shit in Colorado.

    (I actually work fairly hard on that.)

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    boulderlamp is now offering an uv led upgrade to the 315watt cmh fixtures.. 500 bucks so its very pricey its a led strip that attaches to both sides of the fixture and is plugged into the ballast.. look on boulder lamps site lec pluss led
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    Dr. Who

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    NOT for UV radiation in the wavelengths we need...It does not cover the proper need. They only cover a small range of UVA......You want UVB at 280 - 315nm.

    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    CDL Plus LED Grow Light – The Best of Both Worlds
    CDL agro grow light is two times more efficient than HPS grow light. Further enhancement of efficiency can be achieved by augmenting a portion of the CDL red light spectrum. The potency or taste of crops can also be improved by augmenting certain CDL spectrum. Tailor-made augmenting LEDs may even fertilize plants, control pests and mold, and boost shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
    The augmenting light source is attached to the lower frame of CDL reflector hood for convenience and uniform illumination. The power source for augmenting light is located in the CDL ballast housing, mounted on the top frame.


    Although other light sources such as fluorescent lamps may be used for augmenting CDL spectrum, LEDs are primarily used as augmenting light source to achieve superior color precision and high efficiency.
    The following explains why red color augmentation increases plant photosynthesis:
    The spectral curve of the CDL resembles sunlight providing 65% of its light energy around blue and red spectrum. The other 35% energy primarily in green and yellow regions. Most of the red light energy contains in between 600-680 nm.


    Maximizing yield with less energy
    Emerson effect (
    Professor Robert Emerson and coworkers in 1957 discovered that photosynthetic efficiency could be made to increase by simultaneous illumination of orange-red (660 nm) and far red (680 nm) light. Furthermore, Emerson observed that the yield obtained using both red and far-red light simultaneously was much higher than the sum of the yields obtained with red and far-red light separately.
    Two different reaction centers or photochemical events are involved in photosynthesis, namely PS1 and PS2. PS1 is driven by far red light (680+ nm) PS2 is driven by red light (660 nm). Increased photosynthesis occurs when both events are driven simultaneously or in rapid succession.


    Increasing potency
    There is sufficient scientific evidence that the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in both leaf and floral tissues increased with UV-B dose in drug-type cannabis plants. It is anticipated that narrowband source of UV-B is more effective than wide band UV-B.

    BLI’s CDL+LED grow lights are engineered to incorporate UV-B LED arrays in the lower frame mounted panels. Linear UV fluorescent lamps can also be attached in these panels.

    Research articles:

    How to Use a UV Lamp to Increase THC by SIRIUS J, High Times, MAR, 2015

    Cannabis researchers in Maryland exposed pot plants to ultraviolet radiation to see what would happen. They found that increasing doses of UVB radiation, a natural part of sunlight, made the plants produce almost 28% more THC in the buds.

    The effects of light-emitting diode lighting on greenhouse plant growth and quality
    by Margit Olle, Akvile Viršile, Agricultural and Food Science, 2013

    Red and blue light are basal in the lighting spectra for green vegetables and tomato, cucumber, and pepper transplants; far red light, important for photomorphogenetic processes in plants also results in growth promotion. However, theoretically unprofitable spectral parts as green or yellow also have significant physiological effects on investigated plants.

    Boulderlamp, Inc., 555 Aspen Ridge Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026

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    I'm ready to pull the trigger for supplemental UV. I currently have a 4x4 grow section with 800w COBs. Would a single Pure UV bulb in the middle of that frame be enough? Two single fixtures on each side or a double light fixture in the middle? Should I get UVA and the Pure UV?
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    Rayne Well-Known Member

    Do I grow indoors? Have read my on going web based grow journal yet?

    As to your other question... your answer is found below. If you read with intention of also comprehending what you read. Your answer and a number of other answers can found in the web based grow journal I keep updating. (See the bottom of my signature for the web link to "My current grow")

    In my small grow space(about 3 square feet) there are two UV b/a CFL bulbs that hang down and cover opposite sides of the plant. If I recall correctly... RM3 has one agromax PURE UV bulb in one slot of every T5 fixture that he has hanging over his plants.

    Ultimately how many start with is up to you.
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    I'm always down to visit!

    jeepster1993 Well-Known Member

    I put the little stick light with the different colored LEDs in it into the tent today. Today is a month into the 12/12 and is about when I start using it.
    This is Dogbud today.

    Jay63 Member

    Is there a reason you guys are using the t5's instead of t8's or t12's? I manged to get a few 4' fixtures from work a while ago and finally got one wired up with some reptile bulbs so im excited to see what kind of a difference it makes as im on day 9 or 10 of flower. The point of my question is these bulbs here:
    They are only 25w but its only $6.73 a bulb and they seem to have a decent spectrum. they have a 40w t12 as well, and seeing as my fixture does t5/t8/t12, is there a good reason for sticking with the t5's other than available space?

    RM3 Well-Known Member

    available wattage, heat, penetration, the list goes on and on
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    I guess i jumped the gun on the bulb lol but it should at least help me finish out this run.
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