Your Grandpa's Weed or is UV supplementation really needed?

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    Better efficiency, too.

    Hope you're staying warm down there, brother!
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    Colorado Thunder Fuck
    by @RM3
    Flower Week 7 Day 1 (yesterday)

    IMG_3978.JPG IMG_3979.JPG IMG_3981.JPG IMG_3982.JPG IMG_3983.JPG IMG_3984.JPG

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    Thanks, bro! Just trying to make Rid and you guys proud!

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    Its nice and toasty in here and i dont see any snow yet so the day is looking up so far. Im not too worried about efficiency because i wont be able to notice after i finally get some cobs out there. is there that big of a difference between the t5 to t8?
    I guess i wasnt looking close enough at the data sheets but as i said not as important as optimizing the environment after going at least partially to leds. and that reptile bulb was 23 i think at the local pet shop which isnt too bad. they might have the t5's for cheaper too but it wont come close to that $6.73 sadly.

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    Hey, thanks, bro! Been a minute!
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    Been doing some renovations and haven't had the space to plant, almost done now though, getting very anxious, just don't want to try to be doing any construction around seedlings for safety reasons so I'm gonna make sure all the ins and outs are taken care of first. I've been lurking around :eyesmoke:
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    I was just concerned. You, SRH, Gary, Anne, UB, ttystikk, and a few others were pretty much my first contact with this site.
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    The temps dropped in my poorly heated basement, where the tents are. Been struggling to raise them. The plants slowed down...a lot.
    My solution was to cut back on the exhaust. I now run the exhaust fan 15 minutes every hour. It is connected to the carbon filter so the smell has escaped the tent a bit, dogbud reaks. Side effect- humidity, which does scare me a bit. Added more small internal fans.
    The temp is now in the low 70's, like 72-73*. From the high 50's(59ish, 57). Light time temps.

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    I pulled the trigger on the UV today. I bought one 4ft bulb for 1/4 of my flower room, tucked between 400w COB build. It's just enough to cover 3 plants in a 2x4 configuration. For my VEG tent I bought 2, 2foot bulbs for my freshly rooted clones that go in 1G containers. I also bought a 4 ft bulb that will go in the middle of my 3x3 framework from Timber. This hangs above 6, 7Gallon pots that are on deck for the flower room.

    Does anyone think that I could keep the UV on the entire flowering time if............................ a clone that has had UV for 15 minutes an hour in 1G containers, then every other 15 minutes above the 7G pots....then keep the UV on the entire 12 hours after putting them in the flower room?
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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    The light is not very bright.
    Chunky Stool

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    UV is outside human visible spectrum.
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    mr. childs

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    i run mine for the full duration of 12/12, be careful though, they can & will make things crispy very quickly if placed within too close of proximity to the girls...
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    Dr. Who

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    Anyway,,,,,I'll be damned if the Feds call for closeout on making Merc vapors isn't starting to make the things harder to find and more expensive to buy! Went over to one of the pre-raid ops to find a case of 400W GE's and sure as shit they're gone! Sigh,,,,,,Looking more and more like I'm going Agromax and grow shorter plants to fit the 3' UV too strong zone!

    Say, are the 2' ers able to be closer? What about closer with less "on" times for the 4 footers? That work?

    Stupid Feds!
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    hey guys,
    so I'm on week 7 on a 10-11 week strain (nirvana blackjack) and I got an exo terra UVB200 26w bulb on a timer yesterday with incremental exposure totaling 30 minutes in the 12hours. Today I check on my buds and there are clear signs of premature ....maturation :P Some amber trichs here and there and alot more brown pistils that were not there before.... Am I doing it all wrong ? whats the deal ? Cheers
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