1. stealthfader508

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Here it is guys, 2022 ... my whole family is locked down with the rona ... my son's out shooting baskets, my daughters are making tik toks, my wife's yelling at everyone, and I'm searching through strains for this years greenhouse candidates that won't mold .... I can't believe we shut down the...
  2. Flowtrail55

    Soil and water only Grow

    Hi everyone. First time grower here. I picked up some Bu's blend potting soil mix at my local hydroponics store. I was looking for SoHum living soils or Michigan mix M3. I've followed a few growers and breeders on IG that use this in their organic grows. I wastn able to find this where I live...
  3. G

    Strain suggestions!

    Hope all is well everyone!! I’m going to be doing my first outdoor grow this year and I’m wondering if anyone has any high performing strains they recommend. I’m in Massachusetts / NH area and I’d really like to pick a strain or a few that performs well in this climate!! Preferably classic...
  4. stealthfader508

    2021 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    I'm not sure about the rest of you guys, but I'm so ready to move on from 2020. It was a great season from a growers perspective ... most of us had more time at home to spend in the garden, and we had outstanding fall weather ... but everything else pretty much went to shit, and so I'm excited...
  5. K

    Purple, good or bad?

    My outdoors are all growing nicely, roughly a week into flower. Noticed 2 bud sites that are turning a deep dark purple. Good or bad? Mold? Afghan indica strain, the plant which is showing these traits grew much slower than its neighbors, but looks healthy. In the same location roughly a...
  6. dunphy

    2020 Outdoor Legal Grow

    Picture set 1 / 3:
  7. Wa5abi

    A short video I made of me chief’n up canna-butter with a Greca / Moka expresso coffee maker

    Tutorial on how to decarbox your cannabis with this oder-less method . ( place your grinded up cannabis in a Oven bag to prevent Oder while going thru decarbox process then efficiently infuse your butter or coco oil using a Greca or Moka coffee pot maker. It’s the second video at the bottom...
  8. stealthfader508

    Coronavirus - The reason 2020 will be my best outdoor year ever!

    I know this sounds awful... but social distancing is exactly what my garden needed. Instead of watching March Madness, it'll be greenhouse madness. While the rest of the world binge watches Netflix... I'll be bending new steel hoops and building new steel endwalls (no more collapses), hard...
  9. stealthfader508

    Stealth's Indoor/Outdoor Adventure

    BACKGROUND I'm starting this journal exactly 20 years after I grew my very first plants. It was late December 1999, and I was in the military, stationed in Virginia. I was fresh out of electricians mate "A" school and assigned to a group of electricians that managed all base housing needs. I...
  10. WolfScott

    Frost in Boston tonight! Should i harvest?

    Sorry I don't have much experience growing Outdoors. The weather says Frost tonight it's going to get down to 30 degrees should I harvest my plants tonight or should I cover them. It is supposed to be in the 60 degree range tomorrow . If I Do cover them how exactly should I cover them without...
  11. Brother Sweetleaf

    Mold-Free, Thankful, & Lookin' for Good, Solid Advice...

    Every year prior to this one, 1/3 of my potential harvest (minimum) had been decimated by mold (or bugs, or Botrytis, whatev). My grow this year is my single plant, Rella99, and so far she appears to remain mold-free! Still, I'm rightfully cautious (dare I say a bit paranoid?) and holding my...
  12. stealthfader508

    Massachusetts Outdoor Grow 2019

    Hi Everyone, It feels like I just finished jarring up 2018's crop.... and it's hard to believe...but it's time to kick off the 2019 season. I've been reading this site for years. There's some great growers on here and tons of info. When I have a question I typically search it first on...
  13. W

    Nutrient and soil suggestions

    Hey everyone, I'm stepping up my game this year in the growing world. This season ill be growing some white widow, amnesia haze, strawberry cough, super skunk, and aurora Indica. I'll be growing outdoors in Massachusetts using ffof mixed with some promix perlite peat moss and worm castings. I'm...
  14. W

    Fox farm trio

    Hey everyone, this year I'm using the fox farm trio with my plants for the first time. I know the feeding schedule on their website is not for cannabis since they suggest you start adding nutes right from week 1. I will be growing white widow, amnesia haze, strawberry cough, super skunk, and...
  15. W

    Greenhouse or not

    Hey everyone, I've been doing small grows each year but decided to step it up a little this year. After a terrible year of mold last season I've been thinking about buying a greenhouse to put my plants in. This year ill be growing white widow, amnesia haze, strawberry cough, super skunk, and...
  16. V

    Vision but not light blocking window treatments?

    So I live in Massachusetts, where weed is now legal, and would like to try my hand at growing this spring. (Just casually, nothing fancy.) We have an old house with a solarium (sort of an attached indoor greenhouse) that we never use. It gets plenty of light, has lots of space, and is well...
  17. Growingweedz

    Outdoor grow

    Hi fellow growers, As the Massachusetts outdoor season is approaching I am seeking some knowledge on possible improvements and helpful information. I am growing six plants outside and I am going to use Coast of Maine soil. I was thinking of digging rectangular hole in the ground, a two by three...
  18. MaloMAL

    Day 3 transfer - DWC aeroponic -NEED HELP no new leaf growth.

    Hope all is well. First time DWC growth. Germ 12/10/16 via Rapid rooter - 32 watt fluorescent 24hours- 9 day SM. Dome, 7 day BG. Dome - 16th day transfer via 2.75gallon 3 gallon Food grade bucket 8in MESH -300watt HPS light - 16/8. 4 PLANTS total. Nutes - Technaflora - Grow 1.5mL , Bloom .75mL ...
  19. Illwill01

    Med growers in Massachusetts

    Anybody around the New England area willing to link up for clones? Looking for some fire heavy yielders, running a few grows in coco in need something for my next run