1. Buds420grow

    What to make with butter

    I’ve got about 1/2 a pound of sugar leaves and various trim from my first harvest was wondering what I should make ?
  2. xIPhobiaIx

    Harvesting soon... trimmer help

    I am looking at trimmers such as the ipower bowl trimmer, risentek x-1 machine trimmer, magic trimmer, etc. Have quite a lot to trim and should be roughly 10lbs dry so do not want to manually trim this. For all the folks out there not manually trimming what do you use and like? What are you...
  3. P

    Should i cut this off?

    Hey guys! Totally not growing in my closet lol wondering if I should cut the growth I have at the bottom of my plant
  4. SBBCal


    Switching up on the oil pills and making some gummy’s with some Trainwreck trim/larf . Going to make some bubble hash or may use sissor- hash and also going to try to use coco canna oil. Heard that the lecithin will bind the juice and oil…. Hopefully. Still need to get juice actually :???: ...
  5. Green_Alchemist

    First Dry Sift: Any tips/tricks before starting?

    Good day everyone! Today I’ve decided to go through all my trim/shake/popcorn buds and dry sift it. I haven’t gone through the process before, so I thought I’d ask if I’m missing any information. What I’m planning: - I’ll be using a 110 mesh screen (which is Approx. 135 micron) - All...
  6. PlainfieldPuff

    Unstoppable buds, WILL NOT FREEZE!

    Hey guys ! I have a question. I have thrown some fresh buds in the freezer, it’s been about 5 hours now and they don’t feel like they are getting anymore cold than they were 2 hours ago. The buds are fairly dense . Do they need to be like hard as ice ? I know my dry trim and buds always get...
  7. B

    Where does all the trim go?

    Looking for trim. How does anyone find trim outside of their network of growers? I have all the time in the world to blast wax but not enough material to keep busy.
  8. K

    First grow. Just switched to flower. Trim now?

    Hello. I Was gifted a clone in a solo cup about 3 months ago. I read the plant can double in size during flower so I’ve decided now might be a good time to flip to 12/12. should I trim the bushy babe now? If so, where and how much? Thanks
  9. johncrossman

    Does this plant need a trimming?

    It's in the vegetative phase. It's my first plant. I trimmed it once about 3 weeks ago. It's growing fast!
  10. P

    How cold should my trim be before making bubble?

    Hi! This is my first time making bubble hash. Some people say it needs 24hours in the freezer other say 1-2weeks which makes no sense to me I mean if the trim can’t get any colder than already is whats the purpose of keeping them in longer? the temp of the trim is -13C (8.5f) thx for the help
  11. P

    mesko ms 8053 for bubble hash?

    Hi! I searched for some bubble washing machines and I saw a mobilr washing machine which meant for clothes and Im wondering if it work well since its half price as bubble hash machines. Thx!
  12. P

    how long does it take for trim to dry?

    Hi! I just wet trimmed my small auto plant and Im wondering how long does it take to dry? Its 50% humidty and 73f in the box. Thx!
  13. P

    How can I dry buds without a growtent or dry room?

    Hi! I have 3 plant in my tent one is an autoflower and 2 is a photoperiod (swiss dream and amnesia auto) The auto is gona mature in a few days but the other two plant have about 2 more weeks. Can I dry the auto somehow? It doesnt have to be top notch quality but I want to do it in the grow tent...
  14. 9BestBudz0

    Slicing and dicing.

    Hey guys. Let me know who I did. With my first real trimming today Pics are before and after
  15. F

    To cut or not to cut

    Hey everyone, I am currently working on my first grow and my plant is in flowering. It’s an auto and I just leave it next to a window. For one of them, I tried to ‘micro top’ it, as shown in the following video: Now in the pictures attached you can see how it developed. Now my question is...
  16. J

    Average Price of Trim in 2020

    Hi guys. I've looked everywhere online and can't find much regarding trim prices. Looks like people were paying between $100-200 a pound in 2013. I probably have 3-4 pounds of trim I've been collecting over the last few years. A buddy of mine wants to buy it all to make edibles or RSO but I...
  17. S

    Plant leaf trim?

    Young plant seems all over the place, preventing canopy penetration. Should I trim any leaves to open it up? Under 400w HPS w/ supplemental lights.
  18. TerpeneUSA

    Making Concentrates from Trim

    I'm totally new to this (other than assisting friends with a few grows). Most of the people I know well are old school and strictly flower but I like concentrates too. I've heard you can use trim to make concentrates but I'm wondering if there's a huge dip in quality or if it all gets leveled...
  19. YerpGodMarley

    Make oil after Trim bin shake ?

    Got a bunch of trimmings. Froze and shaked in the trim bin made a bunch of Kief pucks. Think it’s worth it to now take that trim and mix with some coconut oil ? I know it won’t be as potent but you think it’s worth it ?
  20. Silverstrings420

    Green dragon white stuff (if in wrong section lmk)

    Hi, í had like an ounce of trim and some popcorn buds so í tried to make green dragon. I forgot to decarb and grind everything before putting the (80 proof vodka) alcohol in, so í ground and decarbed some more and threw it in a day or two later (it's been in for 5 days now.. 4 since the...