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    Yes but I want to keep my two board quantum build just maybe add to it. I got plenty of time to hash it out. Once this run is done I'm set until next year lol.

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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    I think if people are going to show results from quantum boards then show results from quantum boards only, or whats the point.

    Crazaer Active Member

    I finally have my boards and someone stole my mf driver off my doorstep, or else USPS lost it. RAWR!

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    so i deleted my post and pics because you are the second ass munch to get yer panties wet in this thread lol.maybe you and tty can start a quantum only thread and we can all go jack off in there?
    from the op's first post for those who cant read......

    "Feel free to post your ideas , grow pics , rigs , lights , optic mods , whatever. ALL IS WELCOME.
    I think over time this light will settle into a regularly seen category / thread here on RIU . As @robincnn and crew work on improved designs and options , what better place to highlight these. From noob basic lights ( 90w kit ) to full builds @Growmau5 , there are tons of configurations and designs ready to be shared.

    Lets see what you want to bring to the table , should be kinda fun ......"

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Sorry I spoke, point taken, I'm off to ass much for awhile.. lol
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    Not getting on your case, but these threads are a constant digression from the main topic into politics, religion, a guys girl friend, music...why I even saw a picture of a guy showing off his large Creenis the other day! Crazy stuff! :mrgreen:
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    Reading comprehension on this forum is shit, lol. It just seems like whatever guys are using g the newest tech tend to be the biggest dildos regarding their lights/setups. My yield per watt with hps still shits on most of the cob and QB growers. Imo if your pulling more than 5% increase with cobs over hid, you just don't know htf to keep your plants healthy under hids. Full spectrum lights make it easy to keep plants healthy, which is why these guys are seeing the increase in yield like 2x or 3x what they usually pull.

    But they have the best/most efficient diodes in their lights....

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    kmog33 Well-Known Member

    Some of the cob and QB guys are awesome, but the section as a whole is all like, "my lights are better Than yours, they're this year's model of x brand and you have last year's, look at my shitty/not frosty buds! Yeah there's no frost, but my yield is better than I pulled with hps. I'm pulling x # of gpw and my buds are fat"


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    ChefKimbo Well-Known Member

    Right but what a lot of HID users fail to understand is that YIELD is not as important as they may want it to be. Yes maybe there were some erroneous statements made in the LED vs. HID debates. But the plus side of LED has always been lower kwH usage, less heat issues and higher quality light. HID users more times than not completely avoid these areas in these debates.
    For a lot of us, HID is just NOT an option. I can't see why that matters so much to HID users. This isn't a community full of Mars Hydro users lying about their yields and perpetuating the bullshit. People are growing top quality meds with great yield @300watts of high quality LED light. To each his own. Some ppl like to skin the cat a different way. LED has its place among those who care about electrical usage and light quality. Regardless of how you rate QBs against HID, QBs are perfect for those with limited height. That's who they are geared towards. They were never DESIGNED to be HID killers. It just so happens that for a lot of peoples money, including mine, they compete well enough.
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    MMJ Dreaming 99

    MMJ Dreaming 99 Well-Known Member

    Rock on wild Dawg!
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    bles Member

    hey guys, i ould love to try these.
    whats the best place to get Quantum Boards?

    Crazaer Active Member

    only place I know of is, when they are in stock.
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    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    I started these under a few household LEDs and left them in party cups a week too long
    This pic is from day one or two under the qb image.jpeg
    And this is after one week image.jpeg
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Party at his house ..... bongsmilie:joint:
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    And yes i said that shit .... Back to my vodka
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Girl Scout Glue Bush Babies are getting Bushified !

    NOTE : i have been noticing that my tent has some degrading reflective surfaces.
    I ordered 25 ft roll of Vivosun mylar to line sides and back. That should help bounce those photons im losing out on ! LOL

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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    If you guys had to choose to place your first qb in veg or flower where would you start? And yes @sixstring2112 this thread neeeds that fresh bud porn your rockn....
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    If your goal is a small power bill then put it in veg. If your goal is fat nugs then into bloom it goes.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    SCIENCE ! ......... :clap:
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