Mars Hydro 2020 XMS&NEW Year Giveaway starts now

Rolla J

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I like how MarsHydro are improving their quality of products. They are setting the standard in today's Led Lighting and grow essentials. Here is a Kosher Kush x GG4 from 3Thirteen

Doug Dawson

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I did... I do... We'll cee what happens...
Yeah, seems like they need to get likes in order to qualify for giveaways and justify paying RIU. Makes sense. I try to like advertiser posts as they are the ones paying for this board I enjoy so much but I will only do it if I legitimately like them. Mars lights seem to have come a long way, their new bar lights look great. Sounds like they reached out to you to sponsor a grow with you, hopefully they get back to you. I know there are those on here that have been doing grows for various light companies, good luck man.
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