Do you have to decarb before baking?

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    The horse is out of the barn. Done and gone. I did not measure it. It was all of the trim I had, it was ABOUT 2 cups worth.

    However, I have used this method before, and it turned out ok. I put it on "keep warm" setting on my crock-pot for 24 hours.

    In addition, after reading most of these posts, I should add that the oil is still clear. Perhaps I did NOT get it hot enough? It did not turn dark as several others have mentioned.

    Again, thanks.

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    It shouldnt be dark.
    I only decarb (properly) for about 30 minutes on fresh bud
    Been a while since i used a crock, keep warm is 140 or 160 yea?
    Thats plenty of time. The higher temp you use the more thc is lost in the conversion.
    when decarbed at 500(your lighter) 50% or so makes it as intact thc when decarbed at 210 70% makes it..when decarbed at 170 something like 81% when decarbed without heat its in the high 80' that point light and air oxidation will play a factor and limit you, also decarbing will never give a 100% return as the cooh group is missing..
    thca converts to active thc now a smaller molecule, the rest is degraded to delta 8 and to a lesser extent some cbn is starts to rapidly form just over 400°f. Cbn Is not solely created from thc breakdown as noted in testing storage in different environments including dark, below freezing etc.
    A natural decarb at room temp about 26°c will take about 5 will lower exponentially based on its half life of ~35 days...

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    Thanks for all the helpful info! "keep warm" is about 140 or so, yes. For my own benefit, I will check that today.

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    I have made edibles a number of times... Canna butter with a lot of trim and buds with 1 lb of butter in the crock pot..all night .... Absolutely killer, have to be careful! 1/2 tsp and I was flying all day. I have made tincture with vegetable glycerin, and cooked it pretty fast in a pan, and it turned out good also. I made peanut butter as found on here and it was fantastic. I also make smoothies with RAW fan leaves... And I feel it..and I feel so unbelievably good.. Not supposed to... But I do and it is one of my favorites because it is so, so healthy. I have a friend that will eat a bud... And has been couch experiment. I saw a YouTube video about juicing raw cannabis and the guy knew it wasn't going to make him high, he is a person that only uses it for the health benefits...and to his surprise one day he was high for over 10 hours... He did not want to be high! Check it out here...and some of the comments of those that have tried it....they love it. We are learning about cannabis

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    That's awesome @Diabolical666 ... I do the 2nd method, and it turns out great. Though, I have never seen BadKat use that much lecithin. She sprinkles a couple tsp not a half cup.

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    I use badkittys method as well. She tells you to decarb based on what you want out of it, but I think I am going to add the step from the "Scoentific Method" of spraying everclear over the top, interesting

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    Theres no "science" in lecithin and the everclear thing to break down cellulose and migrate cannabinoids?

    vitamin_green_inc Well-Known Member

    They had actual lab tests though? And the only real difference I could see was between the decarb time and the addition of the everclear or lecithin. If you have links to actual facts that disprove the study done then please post them.

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    Aloha all, I am obviously a cooking w cannabis novice, but I see most of this for large amounts of cannabis, what if you only have 4oz or less? Cant you just quick grind it or break it up and toss it into the brownie mix w egg oil and water and cook them according to the box? Not going for taste, its medicine, most medicines tastes odd anyway. It's not like you're going to eat 5 large brownies for taste, you would just end up sleeping, so I make 48 small 2 inch sized brownies and I need only one to gain the benefits of the medicine, anything bigger is just a waste. There is no need to strain out the herb, just make sure its fine enough to not be leafy in the brownies. Even if it was a bit leafy or earthy tasting so what. Its not a meal. Its like asprin. only healthier. What I am reading here and on the web is people are using way more than a few ounces spread in a 20x14 cookie sheet. That's like 15-20 oz. or more, I am not opening a brownie store or medicating a ward of sick people. Isn't the legal limit of personal pot less than a pound? Or I just grind up the buds before its powder and stick it in and old spice bottle like from the store size and just sprinkle it in to cooking chili or stew or roasts. It gives the effects without wiping you out, depending on the amount and the potency of the buds of course. All feedback welcome. Mahalo, hang loose
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    Ive made batches with a 7gs...
    Scale dont really matter

    Yes it needs decarbed

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    Well im ready for another batch of canna cookies today.
    Got the info from here a while back. I decarbed at 225 deg for 30 min then crock potted it with a pound of butter for 3 hours.
    Whatever people think as to decarb or not, im sticking with the theory.
    The cookies made were fuckin potent as hell. That's all the info I can give yall! :peace:

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    Anyone here cook w the magic butter machine? If so does it Decarb your weed for you or do you still have to before you put it in?

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    why not skip out on all the bullshit and just add hash oil to butter or oil. So much easier and you will not get grass flavored products. like hash oil straight up dissolves into warm butter with a couple stirs. + you get to know how much you are actually putting in.
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    Cause they want the easiest method possible not caring about results as long as they get high. Making hash is too much effort
    Educating oneself is too much effort

    Weed in cows butter plus simmer is by far the worst method

    An open decarb (oven and weed) is worse than in solution (weed in crock) even better is visually watching hash decarb in oil. (Double boil)

    Lower temps better

    170-210 170 in solution gives~5% loss in thc with no noticeable loss at cbd. 210 gives ~17% loss thc ,<.5% cbd
    In solution limiting cbn formation via oxidation
    You effectively skew cannabinoid ratios and thus the high depending on your method as well as potency overall

    Same with the carrier used.
    Weed has been dissolved into a fat for a veeeeeery long time for a reason. On the plant the compounds are quite polar especially precursors
    Thc vs thca solubility
    .0028mg/ml in water vs ~1mg/ml in water
    DecarbiNg in water isnt the best either way

    The fat you use makes a difference. Were talking about an oral roa but some will enter the blood stream as you chew etc. Where in your digestive is it getting picked up?

    If a larger portion is absorbed as yiu chew less 11thc is formed
    If you use a longer chain fat like butter its absorbed and processed differently than shorter chains.

    All this matters.. the stoner doesnt care and just wants something to happen when they eat a cookie

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    Sorry, I don't think there is any such thing as a "sugar crash"; this myth was debunked a while back by several sources.
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    I know it's old thread...but seriously? You used fan leaves as can this even be possible lol. The taste would have to be horrible.

    Maybe you were just joking...

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    No I was not joking. Yes, they didn't taste great, but the extra chocolate helped. Worked for twenty years. I have been decarbing coconut oil after extraction these days, and it works great.
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    Hi, why do you need water? Why not just simmer the butter / green mixture?

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